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Welcome to Strata Properties Port Macquarie

Strata Properties is recognised as a pro-active strata management company in Port Macquarie and the surrounding areas.
The company and the staff have been involved in the real estate industry for a combined period of 55 plus years. The business is known as a leading entity in the management of residential properties and commercial buildings and from this strong base has grown into a full service company that provides clients with a premium strata management service.
The growth and strength of the company is what sets us apart from the competition. This success has been attributed to the excellent services provided, attention to detail, advanced technology and a personal approach to our clients by our highly skilled staff.
Terri Tipper has a long and established reputation in the Port Macquarie area managing individual investment properties. Whilst managing the individual properties for over 25 years she identified that the field of Strata Management needed much improvement to ensure the long term jeverdy and value of strata complexes. With many of these objectives to improve identified, Strata Properties Port Macquarie was established in 2016.
Strata Properties Port Macquarie provides a range of service packages to meet your strata needs at very competitive rates. Our friendly and professional managers are experts in the field of strata management and maintain up to date knowledge of the changing strata legislation.
The company offers owners 24/7 direct access to your strata records through secure on-line portals and all strata schemes have their own individual trust funds to ensure a transparent and comprehensive approach to fund management.


We recognise that a well-managed strata scheme provides an enjoyable place to live and work for all occupants and thus becomes an asset to the owners corporation. There are numerous pitfalls for owners in managing properties, our role as strata managing agents is to understand and where possible predict those pitfalls and have strategies in place to protect your investment. Our Strategies ensure the records and accounts of the strata scheme are documented and maintained accurately, regular property inspections are carried out with written reports to the owners corporation. This approach ensures the long term jervedy of the scheme is protected and when it comes time to sell a lot, prospective purchasers will see accurate documentation of all records.

Terri Tipper

Director and Licensee, Strata Properties Port Macquarie


Strata Properties offers the choice of two management options to be certain that your strata scheme receives the right product and information at the best possible value for money. Our Full Management packages have the flexibility to provide either an all-inclusive package or a pay as you go package, whichever best suits your building.

Comprehensive: a pay as you go disbursement option ensures that you only pay for the services that you use

Comprehensive Plus: a fixed disbursement package provides peace of mind in relation to annual budgeting

Each of our clients have unique demands and we tailor our services to meet these demands and commit to delivering the service required to ensure the scheme is the best it can be. Our aim is to make life easier for our clients by providing a solution-based, efficient and exceptional strata management service that is much more than just maintenance and meetings.


Strata Properties Port Macquarie takes pride in its significant investment into technology and staff training.

Our investment in technology includes state of the art software initiatives which provide our strata managers with mobile access to our management database on site. That means we have the flexibility to hold meetings on or off-site with all records electronically at hand, attendees, notes and minutes are synced back to our software and sent onto our clients in a few clicks. This technology also provides an on-line portal for owners to be able to access account and strata scheme information 24/7.

Our staff participate in continuing professional development training and are continuously educated in the latest strata industry legislation to ensure our clients receive professional levels of service at all times. Accuracy and attention to detail by all staff is not only encouraged, it is a minimum requirement



Strata Properties has a strong involvement with new building complexes and of assisting developers and builders in establishing the strata set ups, we assist through every step of the process from pre-set up and planning through to on-going management.

Establishing the correct By-Laws and mandatory documentation, providing guidance in relation to essential building equipment or convening the first Annual General Meeting, we ensure developers establish the right structure for their Strata, Commercial or Community Development.


Moving forward with a commitment to strive for excellence, we are conscious of the need to find areas where our service can be further improved. Feedback is essential to any organisation striving for high standards. The staff of Strata Properties Port Macquarie welcome constructive comments and feedback regarding any aspect of our management services.


The information provided in this website is a general guide only and not intended as a substitute for proper legal advice. Seek professional legal advice before taking any action. The company Pearlmax Pty Ltd T/as Strata Properties Port Macquarie, disclaims all responsibility and all liability for any expenses, losses, damages and costs which might be incurred as a result of the information provided by the company on this website.