Developer Services

Strata Properties has a strong involvement with new building complexes and of assisting developers and builders in establishing the strata set ups, we assist through every step of the process from pre-set up and planning through to on-going management.   Establishing the correct By-Laws and mandatory documentation, providing guidance in relation to essential building equipment or convening the first Annual General Meeting, we ensure developers establish the right structure for their Strata, Commercial or Community Development.

Strata Properties has a dedicated team of professionals that specialize solely in Strata Management.  We work closely with builders and developers and other stakeholders to ensure a strong partnership to achieve the development goals. We adhere to best practice, and ensure updated legislation is complied with.

What Can We Do For You?

  • Provide consultation with your project team regarding Owners Corporation (OC)  matters/legislative changes/complex & utility services.
  • Provide consultation on common property design and individual lot inclusions with the aim to reducing Owner Corporation costs and enhancing property sale features.
  • Assist in minimizing administrative issues and costs of the OC to the Building/Developer.
  • Provide rental yield appraisals via Rental Properties Port Macquarie.
  • Provide a detailed and accurate strata budget and management plan to assist purchasers of how a strata plan operates so they are not intimidated with purchasing into strata plan.
  • Identify any special by-laws that may need to be  included within the strata plan.
  • If required, arrange the implementation of the OC seal.
  • Arrange quotes for Building insurance on completion prior to lot settlements.

We offer comprehensive services to developers and solicitors by establishing books and records of the strata scheme and provision of 109 certificates… often within 24 hours notice.

Our work with developers suits the needs of the project and can include full assistance to setup strata and community title schemes up to and including the first Annual General Meeting.

If you have a development that would benefit from a prompt response, then give Strata Properties a call on 6589 3989 for an obligation FREE quote or contacts us to request a quote.


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