Strata Management Services

We recognise that a well-managed strata scheme provides an enjoyable place to live and work for all occupants and thus becomes an asset to the owners corporation. Our Strategies ensure the records and accounts of the strata scheme are documented and maintained accurately, regular property inspections are carried out with written reports to the owners corporation.

This approach ensures the long term jervedy of the scheme is protected and when it comes time to sell a lot, prospective purchasers will see accurate documentation of all records.

Strata Properties offers the choice of management options to be certain that your strata scheme receives the right product and information at the best possible value for money. Our Full Management packages have the flexibility to provide either an all-inclusive package or a pay as you go package, whichever best suits your building


Our role is to arrange, attend and record all meeting of the Owners Corporation and executive committee as required. We manage all incoming and outgoing correspondence including distribution of meeting agendas and minutes. We maintain the strata roll, record all notices served on the owners corporation and hold and supervise the use of the common seal. We provide guidance on legislation and assist in identifying and liaising with law firms on drafting specific by-laws. We can also assist in representing the Owners Corporation in mediation and resolution of issues. Strata Properties’ policy encourages managers to restrict their portfolio to 50 Strata Plans or a maximum of 600 units each; unlike the competition where managers often have more than 100 Strata Plans, which is often more than 1000 units.


We arrange strata scheme insurance valuations when required.   We provide guidance on competitive insurance packages tailored to suit the buildings requirements, arrange quotes, assist with claims and arrange for renewals. We have relationships with a number of insurance companies and agencies, all of which offer comprehensive insurance packages for strata schemes.


Strata Properties manage a separate trust account for each Owners Corporation to provide transparent financial reporting and clarity for audit purposes. Financial reporting is arguably the most vital aspect of communication between a managing agent and a strata or community scheme. Every month, a nominated member of the Executive Committee receives a statement of all drawings from the trust account, together with a bank balance. Every six months, a full report on the trust account is sent to every owner in a format laid down by the Property, Stock and Business Agents Act, 2002. Annual accounts are prepared for the scheme at the end of financial year together with a detailed ledger of all payments made. On request, information can be provided to owners at any time with regard to their levy payments, outstanding balances and accrued interest.

Levy Notices & Reminders

We offer a secure online portal for our clients, which provides access to information on their building details and levy payment options. A levy notice is emailed or posted to each owner or representative listed on the strata roll approximately three weeks before the levy falls due. Payments can be made in a variety of methods: via the internet, Deft Phone Pay, Credit Card, Cheque and Australia Post bill Pay Unpaid levies can be a serious issue for any scheme, becoming more and more serious the longer they remain unpaid. If one or more owners do not pay their levies on time, the strata scheme will not be able to pay accounts due, jeopardising the investment of all the owners. Strata Properties actively monitors unpaid levies every month and commences appropriate action to recover these monies. We use automated reminder notices to issue a friendly reminder to owners. We also have access to debt collection services to manage overdue accounts and recover monies owed to you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Repairs & Maintenance

A unique service offered by Strata Properties is a standard six monthly property inspection schedule. One of the most important functions of a strata manager is to ensure the property is being maintained to an excellent standard, this provides a pleasant living/working environment and more importantly protects value of re-sale and rental yields. A written inspection report is then forwarded to all owners within the strata scheme. We take a proactive approach to the maintenance and repair of buildings and it is our policy to always consult with the committee before any works commence.

We will ensure that every contractor goes through an interview process to ensure that they are of a high standard, have current public liability cover, workers compensation cover and give a commitment in writing that they will abide by all occupational health and safety regulations when on site. If the contractor cannot meet this basic requirement, then we will recommend an alternative contractor that does comply. This policy ensures that the Owners Corporation have minimal exposure to claims.

Systems and technology

Strata Properties is proud of our company systems and information technology and continue to search for initiatives that better serve our clients. Our service offerings include the use of our Owner Portal, an easy-to-access web portal, which makes it easier for owners to review documents such as meeting minutes and levy information, and to update information from their home computer.

The same web portal provides committee members and building managers with access to financial information about the scheme, copies of repairs and maintenance quotes and invoices.

Our investment in technology also includes state of the art software initiatives which provide our strata managers with mobile access to our management database on site. That means we have the flexibility to hold meetings on or off-site with all records electronically at hand, attendees, notes and minutes are synced back to our software and sent onto our clients in a few clicks.


The information provided in this website is a general guide only and not intended as a substitute for proper legal advice. Seek professional legal advice before taking any action. The company Pearlmax Pty Ltd T/as Strata Properties Port Macquarie, disclaims all responsibility and all liability for any expenses, losses, damages and costs which might be incurred as a result of the information provided by the company on this website.